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June Programming

June 07, 20242 min read

"With our summer activities being so varied, it gives us an opportunity to have some fun and make a big splash in our fitness. "

Chris Cooper, Vantage Movement Founder and CEO

And just like that, summer is here.  So, let's take a peek at what the summer months have to offer us.  We’ve spent the last 8 or so weeks building up volume and stamina to be successful in Murph and the other Hero workouts.  In June, we kick off our next strength cycle.

We will be scaling back the volume and building up the intensity. 

Our strength will focus on improving front squats and overhead pressing, as well as continuing our pursuit of improving Strict Pull-ups.  These movements are great for summer training because they hit patterns and muscles that are both functional and when mixed with good nutrition can have some tremendous aesthetic results.       

You can expect to have some strength days like normal, sessions of EMOM’s or Rounds and Reps, sometimes 1 move, sometimes more.  We’ll also be adding in more strength based conditioning workouts that focus more on helping you get stronger and less on breathing heavy.  

Our Conditioning days will focus on shorter and higher intensity intervals.  Pushing the pace for short periods of time and building in rest to help you recover before another go. We will be retesting a few classic short workouts in July and want to start getting you comfortable with that level of intensity. 

On our Stamina days,  we will focus on improving our aerobic capacity and core strength.  With our summer activities being so varied, it gives us an opportunity to have some fun and make a big splash in our fitness. 

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We’ll see you in the gym. 

Chris Cooper

Founder and CEO of Vantage Movement

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